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29.09.12. Reading PhotoWalk postponed until 11th November.
04.10.12. Guildford 2hour PhotoWalk postponed until 8th Nov.
07.10.12. Winchester PhotoWalk postponed to 4th November.
10.11.12. 2013 March-June 'PhotoWalk' program published.
21.11.12. 2013 PhotoWalks now bookable via HotCourses.
21.11.12. Date proposed for Charterhouse Course in April.
14.01.13. Guildford Institute course information added.
04.02.13. Talks page updated. PDF's added to pages.
12.02.13. PhotoWalks pages updated. PDF's added.
12.02.13. Talks page updated. PDF added.
17.02.13. Aldershot added to list of 2 hour PhotoWalks.
17.02.13. Charterhouse Photo Day confirmed.
19.03.13. Southwark PhotoWalk new date Sat. 13th July.
04.04.13. New PhotoWalks added. Course details updated.
09.04.13. New London PhotoWalk added for 27th April.
15.04.13. Southampton PhotoWalk itinerary added.
20.05.13. New PhotoWalk dates added.
20.05.13. New date for Old Photos Course.
17.06.13. Various pages updated.
26.08.13. PhotoWalk dates changed and new ones added.
11.09.13. PhotoWalk in Southampton date changed to 19th Oct.
12.10.13. Guildford PhotoWalk postponed. 
15.10.13. New date for Guildford walk & 2014 dates added.
18.12.13. New front page image added.
28.12.13. Photowalk dates added March to June.
05.02.14. General update of website information.
18.03.14. New dates added for July PhotoWalks.
01.04.14. New date added for Reading PhotoWalk.
30.05.14. Various additions and deletions.
09.08.14. Updated list of PhotoWalks.
09.08.14. Guidelines for rail enthusiasts added.
09.08.14. Photographers rights info sheet added.
25.08.14. New home page photo added.
25.08.14. Cavendish Collection link added.
25.08.14. Misc updates.
23.09.14. Home page pic changed.
23.09.14. New date (Southwark) added to PhotoWalks.
15.10.14. PhotoWalk listing page updated.
26.10.14. PhotoWalk page updated.
03.01.15. Various updates and additions made.
21.01.15. PhotoWalk dates added.
25.02.15. Changes made to downloadable document links.
25.02.15. Various changes made.
16.05.15. Home page and other pages changed/updated.
05.06.15. PhotoWalk dates updated.
24.07.15. Dates revised and updated.
25.11.15. Revisions and updates carried out.
03.01.16. Updates carried out.
06.09.16. Layout changed to suit use on mobile devices.
08.10.16. Various updates and changes.
12.01.17. Various updates made.
24.03.17. Small updates made.
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